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Foodie Community's Journal
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Thursday, June 29th, 2006
9:04 am
Food diary
Handful of grapes (one portion fruit)
Bowl branflakes, handful of sultanas, skimmed milk (one portion fruit)

Boiled egg
Bowl of salad (2-3 portions veg)
Geo bar

Strawberries (one portion fruit)

Homemade burrito thing with guacamole and yogurt (one portion veg)
Two kiwi fruit (one portion fruit)

Lowfat yogurt with a spoonful honey
Rice Krispy bar.
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
11:12 pm
Today's food
Half a grapefruit with a spoonful of sugar (one portion fruit)
Bowl branflakes with a handful of raisings, skimmed milk (one portion fruit)

Tomato, bacon and rocket sandwich in the pub. (Probably at least one portion veg, as there was lots of salad with it)

Afternoon snack
Strawberries (one portion fruit)

Home-made burrito-type thing, with chicken, onions, peppers, and refried beans, served with home-made guacamole and low-fat greek yogurt. (At least one portion veg)
Two kiwi fruit (one portion fruit)
Small portion low-fat greek yogurt with a spoonful of honey

Geo bar.
11:48 am
Keeping track of food
Haven't used this community in a _long_ time! However, I've been eating unhealthily recently, and I want to try and lose a bit of weight by being healthier, so I shall be keeping a record of what I eat; I find it helps motivate me, and dissuade me from eating too much cheesecake!

So, yesterday;
Half a pink grapefruit with a spoonful of sugar. (1 portion of fruit)
Bowl of branflakes with a handful of sultanas, skimmed milk. (1 portion of fruit)

Big plate of sushi.

Dinner (early and rushed since I had a dance class)
Large bowl of salad (red pepper, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese) (2-3 portions fruit/veg)
Geo bar.
Saturday, April 16th, 2005
4:18 pm
sushidog, help!
Want to make a pile of tiny scones for filling with cream and strawberries to serve for afternoon tea on May Day... but I've just made a pile of not so tiny biscuits instead. They didn't rise; they spread. I used self-raising flour, butter, granulated sugar, and one egg. I didn't follow a recipe (I never do) but I might have to admit defeat... can you post one of your fabulous ones please?

(I ate one fresh from the oven though, and they did taste okay)


Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
12:34 pm
Food update;

Yesterday dinner was, as expected, a baked potato with cottage cheese and salad, but I followed it withe a Kelloggs Squares bar and a kiwi fruit, and then a small brownie later on, ebcause I was feeling nibbly!

Today, breakfast was the usual branflakes and skimmed milk, lunch was the usual cream cheese, avocado and tomato baguette (is it weird of me that I can have the same thing for lunch, day in day out, without getting bored?) followed by a muller light yogurt.

Dinner will probably be a quorn and mushroom pie with new potatoes, carrots and broccolli. Maybe some peas too; I'm trying to increase my intake of fruit and veg. I may have a grapefruit for dessert.
Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
1:41 pm
Food update;

Hm, the weekend was a bit of a disaster, dietarily speaking; saturday started off well witha bowl of porridge (made with half water and half skimmed milk, and served with golden syrup) but then I was catering for a tea party for a friend's baby shower, so I basically ate lots of baked goods, and that served as lunch and dinner. Not healthy.

Sunday consisted largely of eating leftover baked goods, althoug I had a muller light yogurt and a Kellogs Squares bar for dinner. Also not good.
Yesterday, branflakes for breakfast, with skimmed milk
Lunch was a baguette with cream cheese, avocado and tomato
Dinner was a vegetarian grill thing with boiled potatoes, brocolli, baby corn, and asparagus, plus one small brownie.

Today, breakfast was branflakes, lunch was abaguette as yesterday, plus a muler light yogurt. Dinner will probably be a baked potato with cottage cheese and pineapple, and a bowl of salad.

I've actually lost the Christmas weight now, but I'd like to lose a few pounds, so i intend to continue watching what I eat. Next week I shall make another big vat of butternut squash and carrot soup, since it's nice and filling, fabulously healthy, and evry low in fat or calories; I reckon eating that for dinner is what helped shift the Christmas weight, so it may well help get rid of a few more pounds!
Monday, January 17th, 2005
9:32 am
No carbs after 5pm diet
Am going to attempt to start this diet today with the aim of losing 5-7lbs. Shouldn't be too difficult since the basic principles are obvious (reasonably light carb eating and no carbs after 5pm, and at least 10,000 walking steps per day, which I'll have to guess at until I find my pedometer). Has anyone else done it? Also am going to record food diary here for a few days, just until I feel I am properly established.

So breakfast this morning was as usual - chopped apple and banana with 3 ryvita, and hot water and lemon.

I suspect the worst of it is going to be remembering that a glass of wine counts as carbs! :-)
Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
10:12 am
Yesterday's food;
Shreddies and skimmed milk for breakfast
Baguette with cream cheese, avocado and tomato for lunch, followed by a muller light yogurt
Butternut squash and carrot soup for dinner, with a pitta bread.

And when I weighed myself this morning, it looks as though I've lost two or three of the pounds I put on over Christmas; clearly soup is the way forward! :-)
Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
2:49 pm
2:47 pm
Yesterday's food
Under here!Collapse )

I really hope I have lost some weight this week...!

Current Mood: cheerful
10:25 am
Yesterday's food;
Breakfast - bowl of shreddies with skimmed milk
Lunch - Baguette with cream cheese, avocado and tomato
Snack - home-made popcorn with salt, paprika and cayenne
Dinner - home-made butternut squash and carrot soup, one pitta bread.
Throughout the day - low-sugar lemon and lime squash.
Sunday, January 9th, 2005
5:23 pm
Food update; yesterday's dinner was butternut squash and carrot soup (yum!) and pitta bread, followed by toffee popcorn (home-made, so not _too_ unhealthy).

Breakfast; porridge made with half skimmed milk and half water, served with golden syrup.
Lunch; butternut squash and carrot soup, a pitta bread, a muller light yogurt.
Dinner will probably be a quorn and mushroom pie, or possible a vegetable grill, with new potatoes and various vegetables (carrot, baby corn, and asparagus). And probably some more popcorn, 'cos I'm craving sweet crunchy things at the moment.
1:50 pm
Saturday, January 8th, 2005
3:08 pm
Just saying hello :)

As a background I am a long-term Weight Watchers person, although this new year I have just changed to their No Count plan which basically gives you a list of Healthy Things and says, here, eat these! *laugh* As someone with a serious weight problem and a lot of diabetes in my immediate family I am concerned primarily with eating the right things in the hope that everything else will follow suit ;)

Anyway I am a bit lost without my Points Tracker...so if you all don't mind I will keep my log of what I eat here too. Is that OK?

What's gone in my mouth so far today...Collapse )

Current Mood: cheerful
2:38 pm
Food update
Oh dear, not doing well at keeping this up-to-date...
Thursday, I had shreddies and skimmed milk for breakfast, and then it went a bit wrong because one of my colleagues had a birthday, so there were nibbles, and the best chocolate cake in the world for elevenses. Oops.
Lunch was a baguette with avocado and tomato, plus a bit more cake. Dinner was chicken risotto with asparagus and peas and peppers, served with a little parmesan.

Yesterday, shreddies and skimmed milk for breakfast, baguette with cream cheese, avocado and tomato for lunch, plus a bag of caramel-flavoured snack-a-jacks.
I had a muller light yogurt as a snack, and then dinner was baked potato with a little butter, cottage cheese with pineapple, and a salad made of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, half a pepper, and some feta cheese. Then I had some butter-toffee pop-corn (home-made), which isn't really very low-fat, but it's high fibre, and home-made, so at least it's free from horrible additives. Sometimes I just _need_ something sweet and crunchy, and I've given up having biscuits in the house (apart from Kellog's rice crispy squares, sometimes, but I didn't have any in), so at least with popcorn I only have it if I can bothered to get off my arse and make it myself!

Today, porridge for breakfast (made with proper oats, and half water, half skimmed milk, and then served with golden syrup); lunch will probably be salad and perhaps a boiled egg, and dinner may well be a quorn and mushroom pie, boiled potatoes, and various vegetables, unless Tesco have butternut squash (they didn't yesterday) in which case I shall make soup.
Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
3:54 pm
Today's food
Breakfast; large bowl of shreddies, skimmed milk
Lunch; baguette with humous, tomato and cucumber. Packet of Snack-a-jacks (caramel flavour). One chocolate-covered brazil nut.

Dinner (probably); Chicken risotto with peas, peppers, and asparagus. Possibly followed by a muller light yogurt.

Throughout the day; low-sugar lemon and lime squash (aiming for 4 pints a day).
Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
2:23 pm
Post-Christmas bloat!
Hello all!
It's been a while sicne I've really kept a close eye on what I'm eating, but I've put on some weight over Christmas, and while I don't really believe in dieting as such, I think keeping some sort of record can be useful, so I'm going to start again, at least until I've dropped the extra weight!

So, so far today I have had;

Breakfast; large bowl of shreddies with skimmed milk
Low-sugar lemon and lime squash.

Lunch; White baguette with a little butter, avocado and tomato.
Packet of caramel-flavoured Snack-a-Jacks (aka Crispy Brains); They're low fat and fairly low in calories, adn they satisfy my craving for sweet stuff!

For dinner tonight, I shall be having a baked potato with a little butter, a little ketchup, and some cottage cheese with pinapple, accompanied by a salad (red pepper, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and feta cheese, diced, no dressing), more squash, and a glass of white wine (because the bottle is open and needs used up!).
If I want pudding, I shall have a Muller Light yogurt, and if I'm really craving sweet stuff, i shall have a couple of squares of Green and Black's bittersweet chocolate with cherries (again, it's open, it needs used!).

If you want to watch your food intake to get rid of post-Christmas extra weight, feel free to use this community to keep a record. In the meantime, do you have any favourite healthy, prefefrably fairly quick and easy recipes you'd like to share? I'd be particularly interested in simple Thai or Indian recipes, either veggie, or using chicken, salmon, or prawns.

Monday, August 2nd, 2004
12:40 pm
Friday, July 2nd, 2004
8:30 am
Good and bad yesterday, although the bad isn't as bad as it sounds. I think I may be improving! At least I no longer feel so wodgy inside my body; it's amazing how quickly the body responds to healthy food instead of junk.

Breakfast: 40g sugar-free Alpen with a small banana and skimmed milk. No honey today!

Lunch: 1 bowl leek & potato soup with a slice of wholemeal toast.

Supper: Curry and naan bread. But the curry was fom a place near us that specialises in 'healthy' takeaways - no ghee, breads made from brown flour, and grilled lean meats. I had a chicken korai, which came in a tomato-based sauce, and a plain naan. No rice, but I did have two and a bit complimentary chocolates.

Snacks: We had a party at work, and I ended up eating a large handful of salted peanuts, one pretzel stick, three shortbread biscuits, a large handful of Doritos, and about five small sesame crackers. Which wasn't brilliant, but I take solace from the fact that I could have eaten a lot more and didn't.

Three litres of water over the course of the day.

I'm lacking fruit and veg in my diet, which is appalling, as I enjoy eating them, and often find myself eating 9-10 portions a day. I blame this on the fact that there aren't any supermarkets or grocers near my flat, and I don't buy enough (can't carry enough) to cover 9-10 daily portions during my weekly shop. One of my missions is to find somewhere nearby with good fruit and veg, but god knows how long that'll take. I also didn't go to the gym yesterday as I was too sore from Wednesday, but I'm going this morning.

Current Mood: pleased
Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
9:31 am
Good God, is a 40g portion of cereal tiny! I've never weighed it out before, and it looks like what I thought was a normal portion is really two and a half bowls! No wonder I'm feeling the need to post here.

Breakfast: 40g sugar-free Alpen, with a teaspoon of honey, a small banana, and semi-skimmed milk.

Lunch: 1 bowl of bean and ham soup (which for some reason tasted like bouillabesse(sp?), but there you go) with a slice of wholegrain bread. 1 small banana.

Dinner: I was at a party, so all bets were off. I did quite well, though - two small pieces of quiche, lots of salad, one chocolate mini-muffin, a smallish quantity of crisps (less than a packet, anyway), a few bits of cheese (six half-inch cubes?), and two small pieces of cake.

I've also had about three litres of water today.

Off to the gym soon, so that I don't feel so guilty about recent excesses.

[Edit]: Have now been to the gym, and feel virtuous. I didn't do anything like my usual (old) workout, because I haven't exercised seriously in 3/4 months. But I started slowly, I feel good, and I'll go back either tomorrow or Friday. Three times a week is my goal, and seeing as it's only round the corner, I'll hate myself if I fail.

Current Mood: amused
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